We love a problem.

Turning chaos to clarity

We are mission control to the music, events and creative industries. It’s our job to launch and land tours, events and projects – ones that are talked about for years to come.



We’re logistics ninjas, spreadsheet gurus and we’re obsessed with detail. We’ll keep your project on track, get your house in order and manage operations – freeing you up to focus on the big picture.

Visa Consulting

Our team has extensive experience in facilitating the visa process for both Australia & New Zealand. We have managed a number of group applications on behalf of the sponsors and nominating parties for large tours and festivals. The visa process can be confusing so please feel free to reach out for more information.

Please note: Houston!!! are not a registered Migration Agent and as such we cannot and do not provide migration legal advice.

Tour Liaison & Advancing

Handling more than 150 tours every year, we create seamless touring experiences for corporations and talent in music and live entertainment.

Our full advancing service will cover all aspects of the liaison and logistics of a tour including flight routings, VIP immigration services, accommodation bookings and professional ground transportation for all members of the touring party as well as facilitating publicity requests, artwork approvals and confirmation of technical and hospitality riders.

A detailed and real time live itinerary is delivered prior to every tour and kept updated with any amendments required during the course of the tour.

Tour Management / Artist Liaison

Everything is booked, shows have sold out, now let our Touring team look after your artists with precision and passion.  

Touring in Australasia can be challenging. Long flight times coupled with time differences and hectic touring schedules can have a big impact on artists. We’re available 7 days a week, with consistent communication with artist teams to troubleshoot any situations that may arise.  

Our TM's can also travel with artists and help manage all aspects of the tour, allows the artist to focus on doing what they do best. Helping artists get from point A to B, escorting them to green rooms or stage and coordinating with venues and other third parties to ensure that the artist's performance and experience is perfect.

Foreign Resident Withholding Tax

The only thing more confusing in touring than the visa process is the withholding tax for Australia and NZ. We specialise in explaining the withholding tax process to agents and artists and facilitating the process to apply for a withholding tax variation. We partner with leading entertainment tax agents who can offer official tax advice and gain tax clearance for your artist.

Tour & Festival Accounting

Our finance team love music, gigs, numbers and spreadsheets! This unique combination allows us to be the perfect solution for tour and festival budgeting, accounting and reconciliation needs. We have over 10 years of experience delivering finances for all types of tours and events.

Thick as Thieves


“We’ve been working together for over 10 years now – they are undoubtedly the best in the business, and our artists and clients know that their level of service is impeccable. In an industry that is so fluid, with countless last minute hiccups, Houston continues to navigate the issues we encounter seamlessly, resulting in amazing peace of mind for both ourselves and our artists.”

Mike Toner
Director, Thick as Thieves

Finely Tuned /
Lost Paradise


“Over nearly a decade of collaboration, Houston have demonstrated exceptional expertise in managing our artists' tour itineraries. The dedication to their logistic role is truly commendable. They handle the complexities and time-consuming tasks with immense patience, persistence, and a remarkable sense of logistical savviness.”

Sebastien Rousset
Head Booking Agent, Finely Tuned & Lost Paradise



“Houston are invaluable to our festival - and many others I’ve worked on. We’ve been working together for almost 10 years. I trust no one else for support in visa services and accounting.”

Grace Darling
Creative Director, Gaytimes FestivaL

Pitch Control /
Touch Bass


“We’ve come to rely on Houston to manage many of our most important operational roles - accounting, artist liaison and advancing, visas and contract administration. They manage the details (that we don't want to) far more effectively than we could and let us get on with the creating.”

Simon Coyle
Director, Pitch Control & Touch Bass

Pitch music & arts


Houston have been involved in Pitch since its inception handling all of our artist visas as well as the festival finances and have been instrumental in the growth and success of the festival!”

Monty McGaw
Head of Electronic Untitled Group / Head Booker - PItch Music & arts Festival

Temporary Secretary


“Houston's abilities are otherworldly, I've been able to rely on them for years to look after my artists and hope they never return to their home planet.”

Dominik Ceylan, Director
Temporary Secretary TS GmbH

Ultra Music Australia


“The Houston team consistently delivers exceptional service, always going the extra mile to accommodate our specific requirements and timelines. Their communication, reliability, and proactive approach make them a trusted partner we can rely on. With Houston by our side, we can focus on what we do best – managing other aspects of the festival – knowing that our travel and logistical needs are in the best hands.”

Travis Grech
Partner, Ultra Music Australia

Untitled Group


“Their unique knowledge of the music and entertainment industry has been invaluable. The Houston team are not only professional, but approachable and responsive, making the whole process a breeze. They have become an essential part of our team!”

Christian Serrao
Co-founder / Managing Partner, Untitled Group

WAT Artists


“Touring international artists into Australia presents an array of unique challenges and issues. The team at Houston have years of experience dealing with almost anything that can and will come up on a tour. We trust them to liaise with promoters and artists to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

James Ware
Director, WAT artists

Houston family

Jess (She/Her/Fluid)

What are your individual super powers?
My multitasking skills and ability to wear many many different hats are vital to both my professional and personal lives.

What part of your role do you love the most?
I love building relationships and a strong positive working culture amongst my team, clients and working partners.

Favourite song?
The Sky Was Pink - Nathan Fake (Holden Remix)

How do you have your Weet-Bix?
2 Weet-Bix, some milk, 30 seconds in the microwave, a little more milk and some honey

Eric (He/Him)
Touring Manager

What are your individual superpowers?
I like to think "There’s not a problem that I can’t fix", which applies to my work and personal life. I’m resilient and will never give up until I find a solution to make my clients or friends and family happy! Also love a detailed job (better safe than sorry).

What part of your role do you love the most?
Creating memorable experiences for all artists we look after and building relationships with passionate people within our exciting industry. Attending events and festivals and appreciating our role in making things happen! Staring at sexy spreadsheets on a daily basis. 

Favourite song?
There are favourite songs for different situations and memories, so it’ll be hard to pick one. A few that I keep coming back to: Air - Don’t be Light / Cerrone - Supernature / Apparat - Arcadia / LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends / New Order - Blue Monday…

How do you have your Weet-Bix?
Milk & Honey - “Less is more”

Operations Specialist

What are your individual super powers?
I pride myself on my attention to detail, and like to be thorough. You can never ask too many questions!

What part of your role do you love the most?
Putting all the pieces of a project into place so that it makes other people’s jobs easier.

Favourite song?
It’s entirely dependent on my mood, but how lucky are we to have so much music to choose from!

How do you have your Weet-Bix?
With a splash of milk and a wistful sigh that there was nothing else to eat.

Finance Consultant

What are your individual super powers?
"Adaptability" - You can probably put me anywhere, to any situation and at any given time and I'll come out of the other side completely adapted to that environment.

What part of your role do you love the most?
I have worked at the front end of big events for nearly 10 years now and it's so refreshing and eye-opening to see it unfold from the back end of things. I'm genuinely fascinated by how much work it takes to put together a big event.

Favourite song?
Aquemini by Outkast (André 3000 is so underrated)

How do you have your Weet-Bix?
Weet-Bix (obviously) hahaha, Protein powder, Cocoa powder and Hot water (yeah.... you read it right - don't Weet-Bix shame me)

Touring Assistant

What are your individual super powers?
I’d say it’s trying to bring a warm touch to the work, and being a big music lover!

What part of your role do you love the most?
Getting to deliver good news to people, and playing a role in tours that improve lives.

Favourite song?
I’ll always love 4ware by Deadmau5, Blue Illusion (Flat Horizon Mix) by Stevie B-Zet is also a contender. Flesh Without Blood by Grimes is also a pivotal song for me. The War On Drugs's entire discography. I DUNNO! 

How do you have your Weet-Bix?
…it's psychopathic behaviour but I do enjoy a dry Weet-Bix from time to time. Portable and satisfying, once you get past the dry terrain.



Acknowledgements & commitments

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Kulin Nation, on who's unceded lands we work and live. Always was, always will be Aboriginal Land.

Houston is a proudly inclusive and diverse family and an ally of LGBTIQ+ community and the movement towards equality.